TBT: Test Your Vintage Jeep Vehicle Knowledge

Hang in there everybody, the weekend is almost here. However, before we can enjoy Friday, we have to get through Thursday, first; and what kind of Thursday would it be if we didn't take a little time to appreciate the past? Today's #ThrowbackThursday topic is a little puzzle, posted to Twitter by @Jeep. Can you identify the Jeep vehicle in the picture? Usually we get pretty close with these, but this time around they are asking for specifics. Take a look for yourself, and we'll tell you our guess, below.

It's obviously a Wrangler, but there is a pretty significant clue, right on the door. They may have been trying to throw us off by turning the picture black and white, but the circles above the step tell the whole story. Our guess is a 1989 Wrangler Islander Edition. What do you think? Be sure to follow @Jeep on Twitter, they'll post the official answer this evening or tomorrow morning.

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